A guided daily devotional to help you experience more with God
The Shamah Way App is for those who want to hear God and experience His presence, not just learn about Him…
You know the importance of investing in your spiritual growth…

But it’s hard to find time & when you do it’s hard to stay focused + The time spent doesn’t often produce the spiritual fruit you were hoping for.

There is a better way…
The Shamah Way App is an audible, interactive experience to help you bring your fully focused presence to God
Your Spiritual Anatomy is made up of 4 unique parts: HEART | SOUL | MIND | & STRENGTH
Shamah Way is designed to help you nourish each part of you so that you can grow holistically & experience God, not just learn about Him.
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The Shamah Way App

$6.99/mo (Monthly) or $4.99/mo (Annual)
w/ 7-Day Free Trial

+ Holistic approach to spiritual formation

+ New audio guides every day

+ Daily verse and reading

+ Sermon Notes Template for Sundays

+ “How To” videos

+ Accessible across all your devices