A guided journaling pathway to help you discover more with God, others, and self

The Shamah Way Journal is for those who want to hear God and experience His presence, not just learn about Him...

You know the importance of investing in your spiritual growth & development...

But it is hard to find time to consistently practice your faith. When you do make time it is hard to stay focused, and it is difficult to hear from God. Your faith practice does not often produce the kind of spiritual fruit you were hoping for.

There is a way...

The Shamah Way is an interactive journaling experience that uses the ancient Shamah framework to help you bring your fully focused presence to God

Your spiritual anatomy is made up of 4 critical parts:

Heart | Grows your capacity for intimate relationships
Soul | Guides you to your true calling and purpose
Mind | Gives greater knowledge and understanding
Strength | Empowers you to achieve your passions

This journal is designed to help you be completely open spiritually so that you can experience God and hear His voice, not just learn about Him.

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Digital Journal

$5.99/mo (Monthly)
$3.99/mo (Annual)

+ Holistic approach to spiritual formation

+ New audio guides every day

+ Daily verse and reading

+ Christian meditations

+ “How To” videos

+ Accessible across all your devices

Physical Journal


(Ships Dec. 7)

+ Double ring wire-o notebook that lays flat

+ No bend 6×9″ black hardback covers

+ Gold stamped Shamah Way logo

+ 50# gladfelter no bleed, antique natural journaling paper

+ 192 pages with an annual quarters worth of entries

+ Digital app can be customized in settings for hard copy users

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$89.99 for 2 years ($3.75/mo) + FREE Shamah Way Journal ($20 value!)
$119.99 for 3 years ($3.33/mo) + FREE Shamah Way Journal ($20 value!)

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